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Arctic Spas® Durham has been selling and servicing  hot tubs in Whitby, Toronto and Ontario since 2002. We have been awarded Canadian Arctic Spas® Hot Tub Dealer of the Year in 2007, 2008, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2016.

We are proud to provide our customers with more than just hot tubs; we offer great service, vast experience, and a wide range of other luxury products and services. We are also proud to offer the best selling hot tub brand in Canada, Arctic Spas®.

Better Business Bureau

We are an authorized reseller and warranty provider of Arctic Spas brand products. For verification and to view a global directory of all arctic spas dealers please visit the offical Arctic Spas Dealer locator.

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  Hot Tub TLC – Arctic Delivers More

We should all give our bodies some rest and relaxation, but for many of us it’s difficult to find the time. Luckily, hot tubs can relieve sore muscles, melt away stress, and provide a fantastic escape for the whole family. Arctic Spas® are made to fit your body. They provide therapeutic benefits because they are designed to target common problem areas like the lower back, calves, neck and shoulders.

They can even help with your body’s mobility. Hot tub hydrotherapy can increase blood flow, reduce joint inflammation and relieve muscle pain. Arctic Spas® also include Therapy Air, a gentle water therapy system complete with aromatherapy. The luxurious features of Arctic Spas® deliver a truly unique hot tub experience. Experience a soak that’s even more gentle and soothing!

Hot Tub Technology – Arctic Is The Most Advanced

Arctic Spas® brand hot tubs are designed specifically for the extreme climate here in Canada. The brand is known worldwide as the most energy efficient, longest lasting, and easiest to maintain hot tub for cold places. It doesn’t end there. Arctic Spas® have some of the most advance control systems in the industry – Arctic is the first and only hot tub that can be monitored and controlled by your smartphone!

They call it OnSpa. An OnSpa–equipped Arctic Spas® will allow any WiFi – enabled device, such as an iPhone® to function as your spa remote control and in home monitor. With the Arctic Spas® Smartphone App, you can change filtration rates, operate jets, stereos and lighting systems. Additionally, you can stream audio from any Bluetooth – enabled device to the spa’s stereo systems. Upgrades and updates to the Eco-Pack spa pack will be delivered via the Arctic Spas® Smartphone Apps*, so your pack’s functionality can continue to grow seamlessly. And, best of all, as we continue to develop new systems, this platform has the capability to handle them all.

Swim Spas

Swim spas are one of our best selling new products. Swim at home all year without breaking the bank! The extremely energy efficient Arctic Spas® design makes them incredibly inexpensive to operate and easy to maintain. Turn the heat up and turn the jets on and your swim spa is instantly converted into a soothing hot tub. A perfect combination!

With a hot tub or swim spa from Arctic Spas®, you can feel rejuvenated and relaxed –in only a few minutes! Don’t forget to give your hot tub its proper care with our range of hot tub chemicals, hot tub accessories and hot tub covers to maximize its effectiveness. Complete your hot tub area with cedar gazebos and other cedar accessories!

We look forward to meeting you and introducing you to our extensive and high quality range of products. Please use the form at the bottom of the page to contact us and one of our specialists will respond as soon as possible. You can also call us anytime, toll free, on 877 499 5899.

We Have Multiple Showrooms

Arctic Spas Whitby

910 Dundas St. W,
L1P 1P7,

Arctic Spas Vaughan

172 Chrislea Road,
Vaughan, Ontario,
L4L 8V1,

New Arctic Spas 2020 models, Uncompromised Excellence Enhanced Experience




Shopping for a hot tub should be an easy experience. Keep in mind you are looking for the ultimate experience and long term efficiency. Here are the top 5 commonly asked questions.

1. What should I consider and look for when investing in a hot tub?
Ask yourself how you will be enjoying your Spa with your family and friends will help to determine the size and mould design suited to your needs. Spa construction and longevity, technology and wi-fi connectivity, monthly energy costs, tub maintenance, warranty, serviceability and your budget. We can help!

2. Is it expensive and hard to maintain a hot tub?
There have been many engineering advances that minimize costs and make maintaining ideal spa conditions with minimal effort. Arctic Spas® has solutions for these valid concerns with our FreeHeat™ and Spa Boy® technology greatly lowering your monthly energy costs and to help maintain ideal spa conditions.

3. How long will my hot tub last?
Detailed construction of the shell, cabinet, insulation system and components used all add to the life span of your Spa. Asking about construction is important and time should be taken to discuss. Arctic Spas® are built to last using the same construction concepts and practices as building a home.

4. Is site preparation a hassle and expensive?
There can be work involved and expenses incurred in preparing where you would like to place your tub. Arctic Spas® Forever Floor helps dramatically reduce your cash investment, all you need is a level surface.

*Does not apply to AWP and CORE Series*

5. Myths of Salt Water Systems.
That saltwater systems are corrosive, hard on your components to maintain Truth: Salt water systems are not corrosive, are not hard on your components, they are easy systems to maintain and are great for your skin.

Ask your dealer for more details about Spa Boy® exclusive to Arctic Spas®



health benefits arcticspas

Pain Relief

The buoyancy provided by water offers a great relief to those who suffer from chronic or injury related skeletal discomfort.

Chronic back pain can be relieved by removing the full load of gravity from the spinal column while immersed in warm water and increases activation of “feel good” neurotransmitters.

This effect can be magnified by the massaging action of water jets and by ergonomic seating.

Natural Detoxification

Let’s face it – hot tubs are hot. As our bodies attempt to maintain a steady internal temperature, our natural coolant, perspiration, flushes out many of the toxins and other undesirable compounds that we accumulate.

In the face of an increasingly sedentary lifestyle, natural detoxification is at a premium.


Science aside, the most important benefit of time in a hot tub is the state of relaxation that’s a part of every soak. In a world where stress accumulates easily on us all, an Arctic Spas® hot tub is a respite from the storm.

We can recharge our mental batteries, and emerge from the water rejuvenated.

Family Friends


Hub of Family Fun.

There is no better place to spend leisure time with friends and family than in an Arctic Spas®. Laughing, chatting, listening and sharing these were the family interactions that once were a daily ritual of the family dinner table.

Today, we are pulled in so many different directions; we are asked for more time at work, at school, even at play. Your Arctic Spas® can be your new meeting place - reconnect with your children, your spouse and yourself.

From our earliest memories, we are drawn to water, children and water are a natural combination! Add warmth and water movement and hot tubbing becomes the stuff of lifetime memories.

Our beautiful LED lighting and water features will give those curious and playful minds a healthy outlet, and will build an appreciation for taking time for relaxation.

As a matter of fact, time in the hot tub brings out the kid in us all, and who couldn’t do with a little more fun?

Smiles and laughter are standard features on every Arctic Spas®.

A happy boy jumping in the Arctic Spas Hot Tub
Friends chatting in the hot tub


environmental arcticspas

We Share this Planet.

Leaving a smaller environmental impact is not a destination but an ongoing journey and Arctic Spas® is committed to constantly making steps that further this cause. At the heart of our strategy is the reduced environmental impact of each of our hot tubs as it operates year after year in your backyard. By using less electrical energy everyday, in every backyard, we strive to provide not only a reduced environmental footprint, but an economic benefit for our customers.

Arctic Spas® is invested in the communities where we maintain facilities. Our World Headquarters in Thorsby, Alberta, Canada is the primary employer in the area, and we contribute to programs that foster healthy, active, and environmentally sound lifestyles within this community.

Our operations in Washington State, USA strive to do the same, participating in many events, festivals and programs that put the environment first.

We hope that as you strive to make better choices for our planet, you support our efforts through your purchase. Thank you.

Arctic Spas - PEFC Certified
Arctic Spas -Compliance Tested - Energy Commission Governement Approved





Certified Manufacturer, Industry Leader

Arctic Spas® is an original member in good standing as a certified Hottubstar manufacturer. As Canada’s largest hot tub company Arctic Spas® is committed to being a leader in pursuing tougher energy use legislation and will continue to drive the agenda of manufacturing responsible, safe and efficient products, and honesty in advertising.

Hand Built meets High Tech

A visit to any of our production facilities will showcase the best of both worlds. Precision cutting waterjet robots work methodically in our shell construction area while craftsmen hand assemble our beautiful western red cedar cabinets.

These components are combined in a blend of technology and touch, making the Arctic Spas® truly unique, possibly even the most prized possession in your backyard!

TUV USA Certificate

North American Certificate

U8 17.05.56165.056

Hot Tub Star Certified

Certified Manufacturer

Industry Leader

TUV EU Certificate

European Certificate



As an international hot tub manufacturer, we are required by law to meet certain quality and safety standards. We choose to get our certification from TÜV, one of the most strict and respected manufacturing certification organizations in the world.

Beware if your hot tub is not certified by a respected agency to meet UL 1563 (USA), CSA C22.2 #218 (Canada), and IEC 60335-1/IEC 60335-2-60 (Europe).

Certified Manufacturer, Industry Leader.

Arctic Spas® is an original member in good standing as a certified HotTubStar manufacturer. As Canada’s largest hot tub company Arctic Spas® is committed to being a leader in pursuing tougher energy use legislation and will continue to drive the agenda of manufacturing responsible, safe and efficient products, and honesty in advertising.

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