Hi Gord,

Just a quick note to let you know that my Swim Spa arrived yesterday. I was extremely nervous about the whole “boom truck rental” and coordination with your delivery team, but I needn’t have worried. Everything went off without a hitch and both teams (crane operator & your team of JC and Adam) were able to work together beautifully. The Swim Spa dropped into place, Matt, the crane operator, left, and Adam and JC immediately started assembly of the unit.

I was extremely impressed with your delivery team. They were prompt (early!), professional, and extremely polite. They ensured that I understood each step of the process as they came to it and were patient with my questions and concerns. They listened! It wasn’t just a rote, “check the box” delivery sheet – they gave the impression that they wanted to be absolutely sure that I understood what I had purchased and how it worked outside of the showroom.

Above all else, they love the product – which is a testament to you and what you are producing. When people love what they sell, they are enthusiastic, and it shows! They are outstanding advocates for you and for Arctic Spas.

Adam and JC are fantastic. Cheerful, efficient, and good with dogs! They completed the full circle of my Swim Spa purchase experience that started with Gord, moved to Cassandra (who is a gem!) and ended with the photo below. The spa has not been hooked up as yet. I have to upgrade my electrical panel to 200 amp, but once functional, I will be in touch. No doubt I will need someone to walk me through the chemical start!

Again, my thanks for a great experience.