Sparkling clean water, with a minimum of effort and the widest choice of user-customizable options.

Helping to Maintain a Safe, Sanitary Spa Experience
Active skim dual filtration, microfiber filters, ultra-effective micron filters and more – Arctic Spas knows how important it is to keep your hot tub water safe and clean, and our hot tub filters combine industry-leading performance with long-lasting quality.

Arctic Spas filter systems are made to keep your spa water as clean as possible with as little maintenance effort as possible. With our team of experts and years of industry experience, we’re able to provide totally customizable hot tub spa filters and associated filtration systems.

Our extensive selection of hot tub filter systems and spa filters feature plenty of customized spa filters to choose from. Arctic Spas microfiber filters and compact pleated filters capture and combat water contaminants at a very low operational cost, and remain some of our most popular hot tub and spa filters on the market. The compact pleated filter is very effective in holding a high volume of foreign particles without the need for frequent replacements.

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For more advanced hot tub filtration, our Active Skim Filtration and Silver Sentinel 1 Micron Filters help keep your hot tub water sanitary and safe for use, thanks to some of the most innovative technology available in the hot tub filter marketplace today.

The Dual Chamber Active Skim Filter system automatically adjusts to your hot tub’s water level, while conventional systems remain at a fixed depth. Any surface contaminants are drawn into our Skim Filter System and forced downward into the filter. This innovative mechanism ensures optimal water quality with a dual filter process:

Smaller surface particles are captured with Active Skim Filtration and forced into the filter below. Larger contaminants are caught in the integrated basket, which are securely isolated to prevent re-entry into your hot tub or spa. Plus, this system is compatible with a wide range of filter media, allowing you to control and clean your hot tub water to your exact specifications.

When looking for the highest level of hot tub filter performance, the Silver Sentinel filters are hard to beat. With nano silver internal coating and a convenient disposable and recyclable design, the Silver Sentinel filter proves that superior hot tub filtration doesn’t have to break the bank.

To discuss our spa filters and filter systems that best fit your hot tub, please visit your nearest Arctic Spas authorized dealer today. We provide personalized service, knowledgeable staff and helpful assistance for all of your questions about portable spa filters, hot tub filter systems and other water filtration methods.

As part of our ever-growing assortment of dependable and value-added hot tub accessories, our hot tub spa filters meet and exceed the most stringent industry performance specifications. For any questions about our hot tub filter systems, please visit an Arctic Spas store!